Yoce and the Heavenly Tree

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They are all very kind and have welcomed me as one of their own. I am very thankful for all my friends on flickr.

I'm humbled by their talent and I learn so much from them. An interest in photography forces artists to look at the world in a different way.

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A tree is not 'just a tree' and a pear is not 'just a pear'. There is art everywhere for everyone. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did creating them. Again, this is truly an honor. Thank you.

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Thanks Joyce for being our Spring Highlight. It is enjoyable to learn more about you and connect on a closer level.

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Your life must be very busy with all the kids, I am impressed that you make time for your photography and art. Your show is quite eclectic which for me is very fun. Adding to captures is a love of mine as well.

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I can feel the happy energy looking through your show. I am nature, live in a forest, and so am pulled to 'Sanctuary'. Your trees are magical and feel full of mystery and life. I'm also drawn to 'Just passing through', this is a splendid scene and the bird is icing on the cake. Love how you made them pop on the teal and green background. You show us great blend style and color choices. Lots to like.

Wonderful selection! Originally posted 45 months ago. Wow Joyce, what a beautiful Gallery you've got here! I'm blown away by the beauty of these images and the skill you show in photomanipulation in the wonderful selection above. You're very skilled at what you call 'photoart' and I love your use of multiple layers in your artworks; 'Reach for the Sky' is a wonderful example of this with those beautiful flowers tumbling down!

Your tree art is amazing and absolutely gorgeous and I especially love 'Reach for the Stars' and the camera angle you took the photo of those trees from: the blue sky offsets the trees wonderfully! You're lucky to live in Maine where you have so many opportunities to take photos of such beautiful scenery. You're a lady of many talents as I never knew of your musical background before so it's great to learn more about you.

Joyce i am so happy to read about you and that you are included here i am a flower and moon lover too so we are kindred spirits 45 months ago permalink. Many thanks, Renee, for your help and this opportunity and your kind comment :- Thank you, Sandy, for nominating me and for being so nice. You're very kind :- 45 months ago permalink. Dear Joyce I love all your magnificent and artistic photos. Glad to read about you and know about your musical talent.

Lady Joyce you're just lovely and friendly!.

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I am glad for the opportunity to admire your excellent photos and art here. Many hugs. Xoxo 44 months ago permalink. Thanks for sharing your background Joyce! A blended family is very cool and full of detail! So good to hear of your interest in music and art! Of course your growth in photography and effective enhancements is why you are here with us on the flickr community and we are glad to have you!

Congratulations for your Creative People Gallery! The eye traverses to and from the starry purple background, village encrusted horizon landscape, diagonal rift in the blue lake, strong horizontals of the beach detail and driftwood object to the juxtaposing foreground rhythm of the diagonally slated red fence posts. A well organized visually structured work! Thank you for your excellent and wonderful gallery of photoworks showing your diverse talent and techniques Joyce! Keep up the excellent work and thank you for sharing!

Originally posted 44 months ago. Tim Noonan : Tim, thank you for your uplifting comment. I look up to you as many of us do for your talents with paintings and photo work. Your words mean a lot! Joyce, you will always stand out in my mind because you were one of the very first people to welcome me to flickr, and pointed me in the direction of so many of the groups I am now a part of. So I owe you a tremendous "thank you" for that!

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I can remember asking you questions, and you patiently answering them. It's so hard for me to pick favorites from all your images, your talent is so diverse and the images so deep and thorough. The fact that you spend weeks on just one image shows, and it sets you apart. Some of my favorite images of yours that immediately come to mind when I think of you, are not even here, like "Leaving the city behind" www. There are several images in this gallery that really strike a chord with me.

I love, love, love "Sanctuary". That little red birdhouse tugs at my heartstrings every time! And I love the energy of "When the rain comes" and the unusual perspective of "Reach for the Sky". Thank you for your encouragement all this time, and congrats on a lovely gallery! Joyce, it is wonderful to have you as a KP highlight artist. Your artwork is outstanding. Love your compositions, the detail and color. Always interesting to learn of one's background and how it influences one's art. If I were to pick a favorite, it would be "as the leaves turn".

Absolutely stunning; although they all are. Congratulations on your well-deserved selection, Joyce, and the exceptional assemblage of work displayed here. I have greatly enjoyed your efforts over the years and find the variety of styles notable and often unique. Your art displays a fertile and vibrant mind. Having just joined the group and needing to do a lot of catching up it is wonderful to see a whole portfolio presented.

I am blown away with the quality of photo art in your work and all other group members work I have been privileged to view so far. As a Newbie I look forward to leaning from everyone. When I saw your images, I wanted to make sure I would see more. I'm so glad you're in all the groups.

Your images are outstanding!! Walden : pixelimagery : Many thanks for the kind comments from very talented artists! Joyce, you are a dear friend and such a fabulous artist in so many ways! You have quite an original view of the world and present it in such a loving and joyful manner.

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I can hardly pick a favourite, but all of your trees are so magical. It seems that the forests of Maine have given you great insight into the shapes and lives of trees Congrats on your expo here. So well deserved and so professionally presented! Keep wowing us with your creations for many years to come! Thank you so much for all the help you've given me with flickr. You are so creative with your works and I've learned so much from you. AND we've become good friends.

I love that we can chat about our personal lives as well. Friendship without judgement is special. Hugs Originally posted 44 months ago.