Womens Reflections on the Complexities of Forgiveness

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Some gay activists criticize MSM as not being actualized. The MSM client should be helped to understand that he can choose to come out in only a limited way.

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However, in some societies, coming out is impossible. He felt he could not abandon those obligations. He asked whether he should marry even though he could not function sexually with a woman. The Frustration of Sexual Infidelity Sexual infidelity is not the ultimate betrayal; the lies used to cover the offense are far more damaging.

The injured spouse feels a mixture of emotions: anger, hurt, righteous indignation, and a wish for revenge.

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  7. Lying erodes the trust that must form the basis of a successful relationship. Spouses often become suspicious of infidelity because something is disrupting the normal day-to-day functioning of their relationship. The offender may be angry, critical, or dissatisfied.

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    He may act guilty, anxious, or disengaged. Attention, including sexual, may decrease or, in fact, increase.

    Being faithful when in a relationship is difficult for many couples, straight or gay. Because homosexual attractions will never go away, the number for MSM may be even higher.

    Women's Reflections on the Complexities of Forgiveness | Semantic Scholar

    When the spouse discovers a reoccurring betrayal, it sends her a message that the offender neither regretted the offense nor seriously intended to change. His wife began to suspect he was interested in men and searched for clues of his deception. When confronted, Kevin made the perfect apology to his wife. He expressed his guilt and admitted that what he had done was wrong. He gave no excuse or defense for having wronged her, telling his wife she had every right to feel hurt.

    The betrayer may believe his confession has erased his guilt.

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    He may argue his intentions were good and that he lied to his spouse to protect her. My chapter analyses these ambiguities and discusses the ambivalent implications of forgiveness on the individual, familial and societal levels. Because Bim, the protagonist, is portrayed as a strong and intelligent woman who is, in many ways, in control of her own life and her own choices, the nature and extent of her victimisation by gendered familial structures emerges only gradually throughout the narrative.

    Session 5-My Forgiveness & My Integrity

    Burdened by anger and bitterness, her decision at the end of the novel to forgive her family for leaving her with so much responsibility is, on one level, an emotional liberation which leaves her with a profound feeling of peace and calm. Although Bim comes to accept what has happened and what she must live with and deal with, and although she comes to recognise the destructive effects of her anger and bitterness upon herself and the people she loves, some critics have seen her act of forgiveness as a defeat, in the sense that she surrenders to self-sacrifice and self-effacement.

    My own view is that the narrative powerfully dramatises the ambiguous nature of forgiveness itself, exploring its value - indeed its necessity - for individuals in some circumstances, as well as its role in perpetuating social inequality.

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    Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Contributor Malcolm, Wanda. DeCourville, Nancy. Belicki, Kathryn. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. Lawler-Row and Kimberly A. Summary This book by women represents a diversity of opinions about every aspect of forgiveness, embodying a tolerance for differing perspectives. The contributors are researchers and therapists who have dedicated themselves to grappling with the controversies and conundrums associated with forgiveness.