Quantum Squeezing (Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics)

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More filters. Sort order. Notify me. Description Covers the new field of squeezing in quantum fields, encompassing all types of systems in which quantum fluctuations are reduced below those in the normal vacuum state. The first comprehensive overview of the field, it presents the currently known techniques of generating squeezed photon fields, together with treatments of matter field squeezing. Both theory and experiments are treated, together with applications to communications and measurement.

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Quantum Squeezing

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Farewell to Reality Jim Baggott. The Cat in the Box Chris Ferrie. Quantum limits of ultra-cold plasma dynamics: What is the quantum behaviour of an ultra-cold fermionic plasma? This project will investigate fermionic plasma dynamics in the quantum regime. The issues are to understand the coupling between the plasma components of different masses, to calculate in which regimes screening occurs, and how quantum fluctuations change this.

This will involve development of novel fermionic phase-space theory. Quantum paradoxes in a reality model: This project will analyse a novel proposal for a model of quantum reality and quantum measurement, that is based on phase-space representations and retro-causal trajectories in space-time. The goal of the thesis is to analyse multiple quantum paradoxes including: EPR paradoxes, Bell violations, Wigner's friend, delayed choice, contextuality, and macroscopic Leggett-Garg paradoxes. The project will evaluate the best high-level language to use, comparing Julia and Matlab, and also compare different GPU implementations.


The focus is to develop a high-level implementation. Stochastic bridges and reversible stochastic processes: The most challenging problem in quantum theory is the treatment of reversible, unitary evolution, in large interacting systems. The new methodology to be investigated here is the stochastic bridge: a stochastic process with defined end-points in the past and in the future. This allows time to be treated in a reversible way, thus creating a new conceptual approach to quantum dynamics.