Monsters and Miracles: Henry Berghs America

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We are honored to have Mr. Kaskel share the title as our person of the monthwith Mr.

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Kaskel's award-winning documentary, Animal People, chronicles the history of the humane movement in America. He grew up in Manhattan and now resides in Los Angeles.

Kaskel did a delightful interview for the Simply Pets Radio Show that will air later on this month. Kaskel's the one who brought Mr. Bergh's to our attention and shared all of the wonderful facts about this fantastic individual.

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Kaskel'sfabulous book on wonderful gentleman Mr. Bergh's and his life protecting and defending those with no voice pets and children. Praise for Monsters and Miracles: As America recovered from the Civil War, Henry Bergh was a wealthy dilettante-playwright-diplomat, who then turned into a pioneer of social reform on two battle fronts: the abuse of animals and the abuse of children.

Blending history and psychology, Gary Kaskel novelistically brings this complex figure to vivid life and illuminates issues very much with us today.

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A much-needed book. As an animal advocate, I love the story of Henry Bergh, founder of the first animal protection society in America.

It is simply a must-read for anyone interested in the humane movement and true American heroes. Kaskel paints a detailed and personal portrait of the man who taught us to respect animals.

Monsters and Miracles: Henry Bergh's America by Gary Kaskel (Author)

This is an important book that will be on the shelf for years to come--and it's a great read. He never had any children, but started the first children's protection society.

Henry Bergh was responsible for the birth of two great social justice movements in America, and no biography had been written about him in more than fifty years. I'm out to change that. The author gets inside of his subject's head to examine the motivations for his groundbreaking efforts which later expanded to another defenseless group: children, and in the process weaves a fascinating historical narrative of 19th Century America.