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For a complete listing of card terminology, click here. It isn't always good strategy to play a trump if you can't follow suit.

If you have a short suit, like these Diamonds, use them up quickly. Your partner can then lead to your void suit giving you a better use for your trumps. How to Play Knaves. How to Play Leopard. How to Play Michigan. Spades is a classic card game in which the object is to win the number of tricks that your side bids. Here's how to play: Number of players: Four play as fixed pairs. You may either choose your partner or draw from a deck to determine partners.

Partners sit opposite each other.

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Object: To win the number of tricks that your side bids. The cards: Standard card deck. Aces are high. Score pads are helpful. Dealing: Players each draw a card to determine who deals first. The player with the highest card is the dealer. Each player is then dealt 13 cards.

The next player's turn to deal proceeds clockwise.

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Bidding: Players must survey the cards they were dealt, and make an estimate of how many tricks they believe they can win for information on how to win a trick, see the "Playing" section. The amount of estimated tricks between two partners is called a contract.

Every player must make a bid of at least one trick; there are no passes , and no suit is named to be trumps since spades are always trumps. It does not matter who wins the tricks as long as the team makes the contract. Here's an example: The player on your left bids three, your partner also bids three, the next player bids four, and you bid two. This means that your opponent's contract is to take seven tricks while your team's contract is to win five tricks. If your partner takes four tricks and you only take one, you have still successfully made your contract.

It's a good idea to write down the bids.

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Bidding begins from the dealer's left and proceeds clockwise. Playing: The player at dealer's left leads but cannot lead a spade trump for the first trick. The play moves clockwise. You must follow match the suit led.

If you cannot follow suit, play any card. You do not have to play a trump unless it is the led suit. The highest card of the led suit wins the trick unless a spade trumps the trick. If more than one trump is played in a trick, the highest trump wins. If spades are not the led suit, a spade can be played only if the player has no cards in the led suit.

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